Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Little Song of Life

    GLAD that I live am I;
    That the sky is blue;
    Glad for the country lanes,
    And the fall of dew.
    After the sun the rain;
    After the rain the sun;
    This is the way of life,
    Till the work be done.
    All that we need to do,
    Be we low or high,
    Is to see that we grow
    Nearer the sky.
    Lizette Woodworth Reese


See how peaceful she looks.. no stress…no tensions…just pure sleep

Life in its shortest

13th Sep ’07, I was very excited… I was going home after 15 long days. this was my second visit home after I came to iitm and my first travel alone. The train was at 9 30pm. I had got a seat in ladies quota. first thing I noticed when I took my seat was that all others in my compartment were talking in kannada. I felt happy to hear Kannada after a long time. I started chatting with other girls in the train. We chatted as if we knew each other since a long time. We talked about everything…work, studies, family…… we talked.. laughed… spent a few happy hours before sleep. By the time we woke we were in Bangalore.. we parted not knowing whether we meet again in life.

I felt that this is ‘ life in its shortest’… In life we meet so many people… spend nice moments with them and finally one day we leave never to come back again.